Teaching (assistant) experience.

CS5242: Deep Learning and Neural Networks (Spring 2024)

Main Teaching Assistant

Tutorials and Assignments:

  • Tutorial 1: Introduction to PyTorch
  • Tutorial 3: Training Deep Networks & Assignment 1. In this assignment, the task is to implement Multi-Layer Perceptron (MLP) for predicting the price of houses in Boston from scratch.
  • Tutorial 7: Attention Mechanism & Assignment 3. In this assignment, we will delve into FlashAttention, a widely-used algorithm renowned for its ability to replace standard attention mechanisms with the advantages of higher speed and lower memory consumption. In this assignment, you are tasked with implementing the algorithm described in FlashAttention, utilizing PyTorch. While direct management of memory access is beyond the scope of PyTorch’s capabilities, this exercise will provide you with a clearer understanding of the mechanics and reasons behind FlashAttention’s effectiveness on GPUs.